What makes Enso sheets trustworthy is our history in manufacturing and serving the hospitality market. We provide our customers with a well-balanced construction of sheets (and towels), taking into account product construction, personal health safety, breathability, and durability. Immersing yourself into the world of home textiles can be overwhelming, at Enso we want to provide you with a seamless experience, so you too can experience timeless moments at home. 

Thread Count

When it comes to choosing sheets for your home, the thread count of the sheets is one of the factors to consider. At Enso, the thread count ranges from T210 to T600. The higher the thread count in this range, the finer the threads used and the more durable the sheets. We do not produce sheets above T600, because the sheets become heavy and are not suitable for bedding. They increase the likelihood of a person perspiring while sleeping. In fact, it can be argued that a thread count higher than T600 is more suitable for clothing.


The materials used are essential! All our sheets are made of 100% cotton. In addition, our T300 and above sheets are made from extra-long Egyptian cotton, which increases their quality. When buying sheets for your home, check the fibres and finish of the sheets; this means making sure they do not contain synthetic materials such as polyester or harmful substances such as wrinkle-resistant chemicals that can have a negative impact on your health. At Enso, all our products are Oeko-Tex certified. So you can be sure that our products are safe, breathable, and provide a comfortable sleep.